How to Prevent Swimming Pool Water Problems

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As we begin this new year, it is the perfect time to monitor your pool in South Florida. After all, you are probably not using it as much. Florida Pool and Leak Specialists suggests that you test the chemicals once per quarter (i.e., every 3 months) to prevent swimming pool water problems.

You should look at the chlorine, pH and alkalinity ranges to make sure they are fine. Check with a professional pool company, like us to confirm what level you should have. Testing chemicals can be tricky, so it may be best left to experts that can help educate you further on the process as well.

Contact Florida Pool and Leak Specialists at 305-228-0880 or visit the Web site at Remember, “We find leaks others can’t!”


Florida Pool and Leak Has Your Back: How to Save Pool Money in 2011

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Starting the new year off right is important to you and to us regarding your swimming pool.  We specialize in leak detection work and now is a great time to make sure your money is not being lost accidentally.

Did you know that a small hole can release approximately 500 gallons every 24 hours? Well, the answer is yes. According to the Miami-Dade County Water Utilities, a 40,000 gallon pool costs approximately $280 per refill. Therefore, this leak would cost $3,134* annually. Remember, sewage costs are not included, so you are spending way more than you have to to enjoy your South Florida pool.

Call the leak experts, Florida Pool and Leak at 305-228-0880 or visit us at “We find leaks others can’t!”

Attention Hotels and Homeowners: Why you need your pool work guaranteed

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Have you ever had something supposedly fixed, but the problem still persisted? Well, that can occasionally occur with contracted work, like with pool repairs. Therefore, it is best to work with a company that has your interests at heart from the start. Florida Pool and Leak Specialists can do that and more.

For example, our company prides itself in being a leading leak detection expert business that provides 3 month and 1 year guarantees. Also, we don’t charge unless we find the leak.

Without a pool work guarantee your hotel or home pool may face high costs to have everything revamped. It pays to work with qualified professionals that know what they are doing.  Over a decade of experience tells us that taking a chance with a company not offering any customer guarantee is one that most pool owners cannot afford.

Stay with your Miami experts,  Florida Pool and Leak Specialists, “We Find Leaks Others Can’t!” We proudly serve the Tri-county area of Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe counties. Learn more about our guaranteed services at or call our office at 305-228-0880.

Are You Loosing Too Much Pool Water?

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Miami has beautiful weather all year round. However, as a pool owner, you must understand the necessary precautions as well. For example, there is something called the dry season. It runs from September to November in South Florida. The way to know, if you are loosing too much pool water is to try the bucket test by watching our video demonstration.

If you find that you are loosing too much pool water, you are ready to give the pros a call. Florida Pool and Leak Specialists has over a decade of experience and “we find leaks others can’t!” Reach our South Florida headquarters Monday through Friday at 305-228-0880.

Visit our website for more information about our work guarantee and company updates.

Did You Attend The Miami Home Show?

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Attention all Miami Home Show attendees, you should have received a discount offer from a representative of Florida Leak Specialists (AKA-Florida Pool and Leak Specialists) during the first week of September 2010. Our company is working hard to make affording your pool care easy.

As we enter a new decade in business, we are emphasizing more services. Call Florida Pool and Leak Specialists at 305-228-0880 to redeem your discount offer provided at the booth during Labor Day Weekend.

Florida Pool and Leak Specialists Equals Quality Emphasis

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This month, Florida Leak Specialists officially started using a new name, Florida Pool and Leak Specialists. This adjustment was featured in this month’s Miami Herald. However, we have not lost our guarantees or quality leak detection services. Instead, we are focusing on catering to pool maintenance needs by including “pool” in our name.

During September 3, 2010 through the 7th, there will be a chance to speak with our quality experts face-to-face at the Miami Beach Convention Center (Home Show). Find out the times by calling us directly at 305-228-0880.

Feel free to keep up with our business via our new Web site or via Twitter and Facebook.

Florida Leak Specialists gears up for the Summer!

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Florida Leak Specialists (FLS) is continuing to stay true regarding increasing exposure online effectively. Our company desires to be in the forefront when it comes to sharing information. For example, FLS is offering an online “Summer Special” for 2010.

As we improve our Internet presence, we encourage pool & spa owners in the Tri-county area with leak problems to contact us while maintaining their budgets. FLS guarantees work and makes the best possible effort to satisfy clients the first time.

This month, our press release includes details for how to benefit from our discount. Call us directly at 305-228-0880 or visit us anytime at Find out more by following the company on Twitter too.

FLS Joins New Merchant Circle Ongoing Contest

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Florida Leak Specialists (FLS) is an active member of Merchant Circle and would like the support of other business members. We would like to gain more contacts to become “Mayor” in Miami. It would be a great honor to be featured. We have hundreds of views per month already, but we need more business connections. Starting this month, it is more important than ever before to respond to connection requests on Merchant Circle.

Currently, FLS needs some support and looks to help complete Miami leak detection work. Pool leaks in Miami are common occurrences in apartments, hotels, private homes and more. Therefore, our company is here to help solve those leak problems swiftly, safely and effectively.

Contact us Monday through Friday at 305-228-0880 to schedule your pool leak fix, or for insight on how to properly maintain your pool. Florida Leak Specialists will locate leaks in Miami, Broward and the Upper Keys. We look forward to connecting on Merchant Circle!

Florida Leak Specialists’ Merchant Circle anniversary offer

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In June, Florida Leak Specialists will commemorate another company’s success with a savings offer.  Follow us on Twitter, connect with us on Facebook and Merchant Circle to learn more. It is designed for Merchant Circle users to obtain a discount rate determined by the founder for the month of June.

Read more about this special offer in May’s press release. Contact us today at 305-228-0880 to find out how to obtain the benefit.

Florida Leak Specialists (FLS): New Coupon Offer at Merchant Circle

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Today, Florida Leak Specialists begins sharing a discount offer with clients that attended past Home Show events. We believe that clients of all kinds deserve to benefit from meeting our representatives live, and learning about leak detection in the pool. Therefore, we are extending a way to save on pool care for this summer. To see the Merchant Circle link, click here for FLS.

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